Wire and Cable

8000 Square Feet
AMP K-Presses

Fully Equipped ESD Work Stations
Schlleuniger- PF2200 Wire Pre-Feeder

MRP System
Schleuniger- 9300 ECCO Strip Wire

PC Assembly Equipment

Schleuniger- Uni Strip 2300 Wire Cutting and Stripping

Universal-GSM1 SMT Pick and Place
Brady ID Pro Wire Marker Printer

Universal GSM2 SMT Pick and Place
Panduit- Automatic Tie Wrap Machine

Philips- Emerald Dual Head Pick and Place

Test Equipment

Manncorp- 6 Zone Re-Flow Oven
Tektronix and Philips Oscilloscopes

Speedline- MPM UP3000 Automatic Stenciler
Fluke Digital Multi Meters

Speedline- MPM AP25 Automatic Stenciler
APS Gold Parts Counter

Elite- Semi Automatic Stenciler
LCD Zoom- Inspection Microscope

Contact Systems- Cut & Clinch Machine
Multiple Power Supplies

Electrovert- Astropak Wave Solder Machine
YES Tech- Automated Optical Inspection

Seho- GoWave 1030 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine
Cirus Logic 1100R Cable Tester

Qty 2 BTU International- 5 Zone Re-flow oven
Multiple Chip Programmers

Branson 250- Ultrasonic Cleaner
Vision Engineering Mantis Stereo Microscope

Blakeslee- Vapor De greaser

Multiple Conveyors

Olamef- SEP1M PCB Separator

Multiple Leaded & Lead Free Solder Pots

Bridgeport- Milling machine for Tooling

Manufacturing Engineering

Board Layout- Graphic Pads Layout Software

Camtastic- Gerber Editing